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Bachtensteene is located directly next to the UCR university within the historic city center of Middelburg. All 80 studios in the Bachtensteene campus consist of a personal bathroom, provided with a shower and toilet. Additionally, you will also receive a small kitchen counter. Devices used in your kitchen consume a lot of power, as the electricity circuits in Bachtensteene are not as strong, and might cause power failures. To solve this, if you'd like to cook a bigger meal, you can use the big common kitchen which is located on the ground floor. This is also a nice social activity to do along with your fellow students. The common kitchen has a lot of stoves that allow for at least 20 people to cook at the same time! Each floor has its own common room, which can be used for social events, such as drinks, dinners, movie nights, and more. Additionally, each floor has 2 laundry machines, and 2 dryers, which can be used free of charge (costs are processed in your service costs).
  • Distance to centre: 0,3 km
  • Distance to supermarket: 0,65 km
  • Distance to train station: 0,75 km
  • Distance to the beach: 7,6 km
interieur Interior

All single studios are equipped with a bedroom and a bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower and a personal kitchen counter. The kitchen is equipped with cabinets, sink and countertop. Appliances like a refrigerator are not present (unless the former student has left it behind).

Each studio has standard curtains.

The studios vary in surface and can be between 20 m2 and 35 m2. There are 5 studios that have a balcony. The studios are unfurnished. Each year the HAC (part of UCR) is organizing a furniture fund where new students can receive second-hand furniture for a very small price. Via Villex it is also possible to order a complete furniture package. Orders can only be placed before a certain date, which we will of course communicate in advance.

schoonmaak Facilities

Bachtensteene has 4 floors. On the ground floor and the first floor, there are common rooms for everyone to use. They contain seating areas that all can use and that can be used to relax on. The big communal kitchen is located on the ground floor as well. Every floor has a laundry area. All rooms are equipped with internet by CampusNet.

service Cleaning
The cleaning of your own studio is not included in the rent nor the service costs. The window washing of Bachtensteene will be done by professionals, and the common areas will be cleaned daily, except for the weekends. The costs of washing windows and the cleaning costs are included in the service costs. Click here to see the cleaning schedule.
faciliteiten Studio’s
The cold rent price per studio is various. It starts from € 306,91 per month.
Every year, the government decides with what percentage the rent needs to go up. The rent can therefore change each year. Most studios are between € 306,91 and € 345,88,- per month. Some exceptional studios have a higher rent.
All studios have their own mailbox and doorbell. Would you like to have more information on about the rent allowance? You can find it on the website of our government, which called ‘Belastingdienst’. Please click  here.
tarieven Service Costs

Besides your rent, you pay a monthly amount that is called service costs. These costs are the amount you pay for additional services. The additional service costs in Bachtensteene are €159,55 p.m. except the large rooms .Read here what the service costs contain.