Preferred campus and/or room

As soon as you fill in your registering form on our website, you see that you can fill in which campus you would prefer to live in. We will of course do our very best to assign you in a preferred Campus. However, we can not guarantee your preference.

Leaving your room?

UCR students/HZ students
Did you graduate? Or moving out? Then we expect your room to be clean, empty and undamaged when you present it to us. If we establish that something is wrong with your room, you will have 48 hours to fix the problems we encountered. if you are not able to fix the things that were not in order, we are unfortunately forced to charge you for any costs made clean the room for the next tenant.

Regular tenant
From the moment you cancel your contract with Villex, a termination date will be established, taking the termination notice into account. On that day, the tenant will check out and Villex will check if the room is left in a clean state. If this is not the case, you will get an official warning. If you were not able to solve the problems after this warning, we will take care of cleaning the room and we will have to charge you for it.


Villex is regularly present in your campus to see if everything is tidy. For you, your fellow tenants and Villex it is pleasant to keep your living area clean, tidy and safe.

General Terms and Conditions for Student Accommodation