Rent & Service costs

The rent of the rooms is calculated according to the housing valuation system, also called the points system. Every part of the living space, such as surface and several facilities (sanitary, the kitchen, outside, etc.) gets points. Do you have your own bathroom, toilet and/or kitchen? Then this room gets more points than a room with shared facilities. Combined, these points amount to a maximum rent.
Every year, the government decides with what percentage the rent will increase.. The rent can therefore change each year. We will of course inform all or our students about future changes.

Service costs

See here what the service costs contain.

You will receive an annual final bill in May/June, regarding the actual made costs over the period of January to December of the year before. Depending on this, you will get money back from us, or you will have to pay us some more. There will be no final bill over the contributions tv/radio, property tax, Elbuco and internet.